What to Put in an Emergency Survival Kit

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What to Put in an Emergency Survival Kit

Emergency survival kit includes indispensable supplies that one needs to carry while going for outdoor activities. Be it hunting, camping, trekking, mountain biking or any other outdoor activity, a well-planned survival kit Helps you out at many situations, irrespective of the tough conditions that you may be exposed to.

While preparing the kit you must carefully select items that are very useful and light in weight. It is always better to pick up tools and items that can be used for more than one purpose. Avoid adding duplicate items because they will unnecessarily increase the size and weight of your kit.

Plan your kit such that despite containing all the vital items it is light enough for you to carry. Following are the items that your list must include:
Fire Starting Equipment: Your emergency survival kit must contain fire starters that may help you create fire whenever needed. Pick one that is lightweight, easy to use, compact, and preferably waterproof.

Instead of fire starters, you may carry other fire creating items like lighter, metal match or waterproof matches in your emergency survival kit. You can also include flint in your stuff. It works well when wet and can be used to create more fire than the same amount of matches.

Signaling Items: These are very important when you are out on an unknown expedition. There are several items that you can use as signaling tool. For instance, you can get a signal mirror made of acrylic plastic (or other suitable material) or even 3 piece folding mirror. These mirrors will increase your visual signal range capabilities. You can also opt to have plastic-made signal whistles for making loud signal as and when required. Heavy duty aluminum foil sheets too can be used for signaling purpose.

Food Procurement Items: Food is the essential requirement for living. When out for an expedition, you need to equip yourself properly so that even if the food supply is cut off you have the source to procure it. Hence, make sure the emergency survival kit contains food procurement tools like fish and snare line, fish hooks, surgical blades, folding knife etc. With the help of these items you can definitely procure edible items that will keep you going even when you do not have any food left with you.

Water Purification Tablets Or Drops:
While stuffing the required food items for your trip, remember to include water purification tablets and drops. These are very essential items because whenever you face shortage of clean drinking water, you can always use these water purifying tablets for making the available water drinkable.

First Aid Items: You must carry the first aid items in your emergency survival kit. When you are engaged in some outdoor activity, there are pretty good chances that you might fall ill or even hurt yourself at times. In such cases, it is very important that you have the first aid items (including tablets, bandages, eyewash solution etc) with you so that you can get instant required treatment.

Compass: Make sure to include a compass in your emergency survival list. Go for small and compact variety that is strong and durable. You must keep the compass in working order and learn how to use it. With the use of the compass, you will be able to find the right directions that will help you to move ahead towards your destination and will also safely guide you back to returning point.

Apart from including the above mentioned items in your emergency survival kit, there are several other items that you should not forget like :

1) Shelter items

2) Emergency food items

3) Space blankets

4) LED flashlight/Candle

5) Heavy duty Aluminum Foil (for cooking and signaling)

Next time you plan an outdoor activity or trip make sure you have with you a well-planned emergency survival kit. This will make your trip safer and enjoyable.

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