What to Include in Your Emergency Car Survival Kit

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What to Include in Your Emergency Car Survival Kit

There are a number of things that we should all have stashed in our cars in case of emergency. Many of the items we have in our cars are proven items that many drivers will have been told of however surprisingly there is a long list of items that many drivers may not have.

Tire Pressure Gauge

These may not seem necessary to some people as they will normally notice if their tyres are visibly deflated. It is important though that you check your tire pressure regularly to make sure that you catch any slow punctures or any tires that are a bit flat. Keeping your tires inflated properly can also help reduce fuel consumption!

Jump Leads

A flat battery may not seem like a big issue to new car owners but for those with an older car you may not know when the battery was bought and so it could begin to lose charge over time. Having heavy duty jump leads can help you get your car back up and running when the battery has died. Make sure you drive around for a while after getting a jump start as this can help the alternator charge the battery again.

A Spare Fuel Can/Container

Sometimes drivers don’t notice that their fuel is running out but there are many instances where we may have not had a chance to find a petrol station in time, especially when driving in unfamiliar territory. Whilst it is always recommended to check your fuel levels before leaving having a secure fuel can or plastic container is handy and should see you to the nearest petrol station to fill up.

First Aid Kit

A lot of safety products and car shops sell vehicle specific first aid kits that are compact and lightweight enough to not demand much space but also includes all the bandages, gauze pads and dressings you may need in the event of a medical emergency. It is worthwhile considering buying the individual parts yourself from a pharmacy rather than a bespoke kit as this could be cheaper.

There are plenty of other items you may need such as some food and drink which can help you keep your energy levels up if you have broken down or are stuck in cold weather. Likewise a warm blanket or a thick jacket is good to have on board in case you have to stay in the car without any heating. Make sure you aren’t carrying more than you need to and regularly have a clear out of the junk in your car to make sure it’s not carrying any unnecessary weight.

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