Survival of The Fittest

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Survival of The Fittest

The term Survival of the Fittest is originated from Darwinian Theory of evolution which is considered as a way that describes the natural selection mechanism. When it comes to the fitness biological concept, it is being referred as the success on reproduction. In the terms of Darwin’s theory, it is known as Form Survival that has the capacity to leave something that will be seen in the future generations.

The phrase had first utilized by Herbert Spencer after he had read one of the books of Charles Darwin. The former drew parallels or comparisons between his economic theories and Darwin’s ones in a biological manner. According to Herbert, the phrase is what Darwin had to use as an alternative for his Natural Selection which is about races preservation especially during life’s struggles.  In this connection, Darwin had reacted in a positive way on suggestion of Wallace which was about utilizing the phrase of the Herbert Spencer which he had adapted in one of his books.

Survival of the Fittest that Denotes a Mechanism

In modern Biologists, they believe that the phrase is not related to the natural selection mechanism. These people conceive the term natural selection as differential reproduction which is not only about survival, and the scientific study object which is typically differential reproduction that results to various traits with genetic bases. This is specifically under a wide variety of circumstances wherein organisms find themselves which is said to be fitness. However, its common meaning is a little bit different when it comes to technical sense.

Survival of the Fittest that expresses a particular biological theory

Aside from that, the term Survival of the Fittest can likewise be interpreted to convey a hypothesis or a theory that focuses on Fit as being contrasted to unfit species as a whole, or individuals in the specific manner. Typically, the Fit organisms have the capacity to survive from a wide variety of tests when the phrase is interpreted that expresses a biological theory that does have risks of being vacuous. Meaning to say, those individuals that have the tendency to live have a tendency to survive. Nevertheless, as a theory it pertains to fitness that is a little different with survival.

Survival of the Fittest that denotes a specific moral theory

When the phrase is interpreted to express a moral theory, it has many types such as Social Darwinists, Anarchist, and Creationists. In Social Darwinists, it is referred as ethical precept which sanctioned economic competition that was employed to prove war, racism, and economics (laissez-faire). When it comes to Anarchist, it is viewed as cooperation not competition that is based on one of the books of Peter Kropotkin. In Creationists, there are many critics that have argued on the phrase for the reason that, it gives a behavior justification that weakens the moral standards of a particular society through letting strong justice standards to the weak detriment.

Summing it up, Survival of the Fittest has different meanings in different fields or professions. Usually, it is something where a particular individual has the capacity to survive after life’s situations or struggles. 

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