Prophecies and predictions about the world’s end are often told by some and are believed by many. These theories are yet to be proven and there is still a big possibility of them to remain theories as they are. However, some are in realistic form, which truly happened and is still happening and we never realize that we are the ones who make these theories come to life and haunt us at night. We inflict our own fear and live in it. It never has to be that way—not to the expense of our beliefs and logic. We create our doomsday and we prove it true because we won’t do anything to stop it.

As what Stephen Hawking said, our world is a “fragile planet”. We never realize that our resources are not infinite. There are great forces out the universe that will destruct us. What’s more distressing is that we still focus on what destructs us. If the Earth is fragile, we don’t have to be fragile too. We need not to follow trends. We only need to follow our Way, our Truth and our Life. We need to take actions about these doomsday nightmares.

Climate Change

Climate change is true. It is happening. Right now. So many researchers and studies have shown what caused this phenomenon and it is what we do to our resources and the late effects of modern technology. It is from pollution. A lot of ozone pollution that causes global warming. Good that a lot of our scientist, inventors and environmentalists have the heart to reduce the effects of climate change.

Pandemic Diseases

Because of the overlapping pollution and rapid climate change that we experience, the birth of contagious diseases is rampant from severely affected places in the world. Viruses spread fast that we don’t notice it. It is really important that we take measures to have a strong immune system to fight these diseases.

Nuclear Wars

Big progressive countries has nuclear weapons that impose great fear and threat to nations. Nuclear wars that exist between countries can affect the whole humanity undoubtedly and lead to its extinction.

Solar Flare

The sun can undeniably burn the earth down into ashes. This high emission of radiation can cause a massive electromagnetic disturbance to us and affect our communication lines and interrupt our power transmissions.

Robots to rule

Technology has really brought huge change and one of which is replacing people. Artificial intelligence running inside a machine who can do what humans do. This is more like a robot apocalypse. Just imagine the world if humanity is assimilated by robots like what the “grey goo” theory says and picture a world run by robots instead of us. This surely poses a threat to us.

Doomsday theories really broaden our imaginations of how our world would be later on. Theories are theories but we can’t deny the fact that it scares us out because of their possibility to take away our life in just a blink of an eye.

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