Five Things to Look For in a Great First Aid Kit

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Five Things to Look For in a Great First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is an essential item for a medical crisis or a child’s skinned knee. Having everything conveniently available to you when you actually need it is important as it is not only helpful to the injury but also relieves a lot of additional stress you may have otherwise without it. When an injury or an emergency happens, it is not the time you want to be digging through drawers looking for items that you need. They should be all organized in one accessible area like a first aid kit. Below are five essential qualities that you should look for in a great first aid kit.

1. Emergency Handbook – Any great first aid kit will have an informative reference guide to outline helpful tips of what to do within the first few minutes of a sudden illness or accident as well as other helpful information you may need to treat a wound.

2. Clear Labels – Everything in the kit should have clear accurate labels to be easily read quickly in case of emergency. Remember, some injuries could happen during a power outage, camping, car accident, etc where you may not have a lot of light or clear vision so having everything clearly labeled is important.

3. Organization – A great kit will have several small pockets inside to easily keep things organized and not just all piled together. You do not want to have to dump the contents of a first aid kit out to sort through the items to find what you are looking for.

4. Practical – Your kit should be large enough to hold all of the essential things that a correct first aid kit would contain, yet small enough to be practical to hang from your backpack or belt loop when participating in events such as hiking.

5. Durability – Your first aid kit must be durable in order to be valued as reliable as well as water resistant. Many people use their kit whilst hiking, camping, etc so it must be able to at least stand up to a bit of rain in order to efficiently maintain the integrity of the contents.

Most people do not think about how valuable first aid pack kits really are until they need one. They are a “must have” in every home, especially a home with children. The keep everything organized in one convenient place instead of searching through cupboards to find items, only to discover you’re out of something. Additionally, this keeps items in a secure package that small children cannot get to if stored in a proper place. It is smart to keep one in your car in case of emergency and always take one with you camping or participating in sports. First aid kits are just a smart investment to make for your health and safety and when doing so, take the time to make sure that it contains all of the qualities to make it completely reliable and worth having.

Source by Chris Le Roy

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