Emergency Survival Kits Are Vital in Times of Disaster

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Emergency Survival Kits Are Vital in Times of Disaster

One way to maintain safety around the home is to have an excellent emergency  survival   kit . It is also a good practice to keep one tucked in the family car, for those times when you go on long trips. When you carry an emergency kit inside the car, you can be assured that you can still travel safe and get you through emergency situations, should you chance into one. Your preparation is an important matter, especially when the unexpected, like emergencies, comes around.

The following are the things to include in a good emergency kit. Listed are the basics, but you can include other things. These can be additional medicines, depending on the condition of family members, such as issue of illnesses:

-A good amount of water

-Prescription medications, in case the need arises

-First Aid kit

-Tissue paper

-Extra non-perishable food, like canned goods

-Flashlights, lighter or match, and candles

-A battery-powered radio for news updates

-Extra batteries for the radio and flashlights

-Portable stove and fuel


-Extra container or bag for additional demand of storage and space

The standard emergency kit should last you off for three days. When including food, be sure that you have just enough that can feed off the number of people involved in an emergency situation. The food should not be spoilable so you can still consume it, given the potential number of days that can go on. Carrying a pack of iodine tablets can purify water so better include this in your emergency kit.

Aside from the basic essentials, you can also prepare emergency blankets and other weather protection stuff that you can use, in case the weather becomes too hot or extremely cold. What weather gear you bring to protect your body will depend on the weather and the place you are going to. Remember to bring personal and necessary toiletries.

You can never tell when disaster will strike, but you can be able to somehow minimize its effects if you are well prepared for it. This is the foremost thing you need to remember, especially at home and when traveling or going for long drives. As you prepare your emergency kit, always update your kit and check if you need to add more important stuff that you and your family require. Keeping an emergency  survival   kit  around the office is also a wise thing to do. As long as you stay in a place for quite a long time, it is good to be always prepared.

Remember, safety first. After all, it only takes a little effort and a sneak of your time in preparing your emergency  survival   kit .

Source by Greg Shuey

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