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DIY Survivalism- Sure-Fire Tips

Survivalist is often referred as a group of people who always prepare for emergencies. Survivalist is the term called to people who are always ready when there is an unexpected detrimental phenomenon. They obtain trainings such as self-defense and emergency medical training that can help them once an unexpected occurrence happens. They also stock food and water in case of emergency. Survivalists also build their possible place where they can stay when a catastrophe happen.

If you are a survivalist by nature and want to get some life hacks that can be done by yourself, then here is several DIY survivalism tips can help you survive when a disaster occur. It might be simple but what is important is that it will help you survive until the turbulence ends.

  • Learn how to have DIY stove or heater. Create heater of stove using cans like soup cans and paints cans. You just have to wash them thoroughly and voila! You can heat or cook your food even a catastrophe is happening. It will also help to make your body warm.
  • Make your own survival bars that you can eat. The homemade survival bars are very useful since it is handy and can be eaten anytime, anywhere. It can last for a long period since it does not have ingredients like oil or others that can spoil foods. This can be your survival food when there is an emergency. The ingredients that can be used are oats, powdered milk, jello, sugar, honey and water.
  • Learning how to make a fire will always be an essential part of DIY survivalism since it helps in cooking food and makes your body warm. Therefore, you should know to light a fire in different ways. There is also a way that you can keep a fire lit by making a lit fire starter only using egg carton, dryer lint and wax.
  • To light up the dark, you can make oil lamps. This DIY survivalism stuff can be done in no time. It is very useful especially when electricity is being turned off to avoid incidents. Oil lamps can be your guide through the dark.
  • Have your own survival kit. This will be a great help for you since only the important things are included. You can put the things you needed the most in the kit. Having your own survival kit is very handy and will lessen your worries since all the important things your need are kept in one place. Survival kit is an integral part of DIY survivalism.
  • Everyone needs water to survive. It is better if you stock water in clean bottles or jugs that can easily be brought when an unexpected phenomenon happens. A person cannot survive without having water inside his body. With just having water, you can survive for a week. Better, pack those hand carry water jugs.
  • Never forget to bring gloves, hats, boots etc. that can help in warming your body. Eve snacks that have protein and carbs can also be a big help to keep you warm. Hypothermia can kill a person if he or she does not have enough warm in his body.

People always think what they can do in order to survive from disaster. There are ways that a person can survive; you only need to learn DIY survivalism tips. These do it yourself life hacks will be very useful especially when an emergency or disaster occurs. Everything should be ready beforehand in order to avoid incidents that can risk your life. We can never predict when a disaster will happen so it is best if everything you need to survive is already prepared.

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