Disaster Survival – Become Your Own First Responder

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Disaster Survival – Become Your Own First Responder

When disaster strikes, many people panic. Others wait around not sure what to do. Some even refuse rescue efforts, believing the disaster will pass soon enough, and they are best off riding it out. Disasters are unpredictable. We don’t know when or where one will strike, much less the extent to which it will affect us. With some advance preparation, you won’t find yourself in any of the above categories in the event of a disaster, and you’ll greatly improve the odds of survival.

In a life or death situation, what would you give to be magically whisked away to safety, your survival virtually insured? I’d venture a guess that you would give up anything and everything for that guarantee! Then why wouldn’t you ready yourself now knowing that in the event that this ever did happen (and it is a distinct possibility) you have empowered yourself to become your own first responder? Even if you had to spend one day of your life gathering emergency supplies, you would no doubt pat yourself on the back and deem it one of your greatest accomplishments if you were able to successfully preserve your life and possibly the lives of many others as well.

Most everybody who drives has a spare tire and a jack. But most people lack a disaster survival plan! To put it in perspective, there is more value and attention placed upon convenience than there is on sustaining life. This is not to say that in some instances a spare tire and a jack would not in fact be a life saver, but in most cases I think you will agree that tireless and jackless just plain sucks, and is not life or death. The most probable explanation for lack of a disaster survival plan is ignorance. Too bad ignorance is not bliss in this arena.

What are the ingredients of an effective disaster survival plan? First off, knowing the right way to react ahead of time in a given situation is crucial. Did you know that in an earthquake it is wrong to get under a desk or table in most cases? In any earthquake of great magnitude the ceiling of a building is at risk of a cave-in, and could crush this type of fixture as well as yourself right along with it. For survival in an earthquake, you need to identify the “triangles of life.” These are actual triangles that are formed amidst the destruction that act as pockets of safe harbor to those in the know. Scan your surroundings in your living quarters and workplace right now to identify stable, solid fixtures that would not tip over. The key is to huddle up next to these fixtures rather than under something, because when the sky starts to fall it comes crashing down, and the “triangle of life” is formed. The falling debris hits the top and corner of the stable-standing structure, and the corner will be a fulcrum on which it rests, forming the triangle in which you can safely reside and breathe while you await the survival efforts in your behalf.

Source by Patrick Gunther

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