Creating an Emergency Survival Kit For Your Car

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Creating an Emergency Survival Kit For Your Car

Hopefully you have supplies stocked in your home in case of emergency. But did you know that getting stranded in your car is much more likely that being confined to your home for a length of time. For this reason it is critical that you keep an emergency survival kit for you vehicle. The gear you will need for the kit include items to help get you back on the road, stay warm, safe and healthy, items to get you noticed but other vehicles and the assorted gear that everyone should have when stuck in a car.

Get Back On The Road

Usually your first concern when your car is stuck somewhere is to get it up and running and back on the road. The following supplies will assist you in getting going again:

Jumper cables/Power cables – If you can find a helpful person to give you a jump, you may not be stuck very long, these really come in handy if you get stuck in a parking lot where the area is lit and there are plenty of witnesses around. Be careful accepting help from strangers when you’re deserted on the side of the road.

Battery charger – This may be able to charge you battery enough to get you home. Stores sell small battery chargers for just such an emergency.

Kitty litter – Litter can be used to be sprinkled on ice and snow to help your wheels gain traction.

Spare tire properly inflated – This isn’t really what one would consider an emergency supply as much as a gimme but your spare tire is the most important thing in you trunk – especially if you get a flat tire.

Basic auto tool set – even if you don’t know much about cars, there may be someone around who does or the repair may be something so obvious that you can’t miss it.

Staying Warm, Safe, and Healthy

Depending on where you live or where you drive will depend on which supplies will be added to your emergency kit. Obviously if you live in southern California – staying warm enough to not freeze to death isn’t a major concern whereas heatstroke probably isn’t a big problem during Maine winters. So here’s a basic list of supplies – add or delete as you feel necessary.

A Blanket – This can be used for warmth, to lie down on in order to get under the car, or to carry supplies in if you need to leave your car and travel a ways on foot.

Water – A couple of gallons of clean plain drinking water is a good idea. You’ll also want to carry a water bottle or other more portable way to carry the water while walking.

Dried food – Some trail mix, jerky, and protein or granola bars are convenient and semi-healthy foods to eat in a pinch.

First aid kit – You’re going to want one with bandages, antibiotic ointment, aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, sanitizing pads, tweezers and a first aid guide.

Pepper spray – It’s always a good idea to have some sort of protection on you when you are stranded.

Getting Noticed Gear

If you’re stranded during the night, especially if off the road, it is critical that you get someone to notice you. The following list of items is all about bringing attention to yourself when you’re in need of some rescuing.

Flares – In a serious situation, shooting a flare can bring quick attention to your location. Obviously only for use during the most severe circumstances.

Whistle – Blow your safety whistle also to bring attention to where you are when you are in danger. Although a whistle doesn’t have the range of flares, it is easier to carry and use and doesn’t run out.

Mini foghorn – Another method of drawing attention with a loud noise. Especially good for nights (and days I suppose) when visibility is poor.

Flashlight – Even if you’re not using it to get attention, being able to see is always nice. Buying a hand-crank flashlight eliminates the risk of your batteries dying, but they tend to not be very bright and require frequent cranking.

Miscellaneous Gear

Most of these items are particularly important if you spend a lot of time traveling in secluded areas like mountains or woods/forests.

Compass – Ah, they never go out of style do they? Compasses can help you find your way, if lost, are inexpensive and easy to carry. Additionally they require no electricity, no cranking, and no power of any kind. How can you beat that?

Fire starter bar – This small item can help you build a fire if stuck in the woods. The best thing is that it is small enough to carry around with you.

Swiss Army knife or multi-purpose tool – Find one that has a small saw-like blade, scissors and tweezers if possible. If you can spend a little extra money, here is the item to spend it on, since the last thing you want to happen is a blade snapping while you’re using it.Above all the best way to live is according to the motto “Be Prepared”.

Source by Jennifer Carpenter

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