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Cooking and Tenting tips for safety camping

For all campers, make a decision first where you are placing your tent and use the pointers below to guide you for safety camping.

Don’t place camping tent in a low-lying area for flooding purposes. Don’t place your camping tent under old tree.

Plan ahead before go to camping trip. Be prepared to treat injuries and allergy. Have a first-aid kit which includes treatments for allergies and any injuries.

Make sure that each child is at a safe distance from the campfire and also from cooking fire.

Teach children about camping safety tips. Always it is better to keep sand or water near the campfire to put out the fire.

Always go with your friends or family member when leaving the campsite and let an child know when you are leaving and when you’ll be back correctly.

Food that you keep yourself when camping attracts wild animals and insects. If possible, store such foods it in a cooler in your car. Don’t keep it in your tent.

Gas Appliances

If possible try to change disposable gas cartridges only when cartridge is completely empty.

When a cooking is completed or your appliance is not in use, the cylinder should be turned off at the valve.

Ensure that flexible pipes are strongly clipped and do not leak.

Liquid fuel Appliances

Try to avoid using appliances fuelled by petrol, if achievable and ensure the right fuel is used.

Filling and illumination should be carried out in the open air. All fuel used should be stored in a cold place away from combustibles, and in the right containers.

Keep in mind that hot weather will cause fuel to evaporate. The vapors will follow ground contours and may travel a long way ignored.

Make sure that your camping group knows the location of the telephone to call the Emergency Services.

Ensure that your group knows how to use the gear provided.


Site cookers stay away from the entrance of your tent. Cook only in areas that have designed for cooking. Ensure your cooker is steady and not likely to tip over. Keep flammables things away from the cooking area. Enjoy your camping with more and safety.

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