Are You Prepared With a Home Survival Kit?

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Are You Prepared With a Home Survival Kit?

Disaster survival kits can help you survive in either a natural disaster or a terrorist attack. Disasters do not follow a schedule. They can happen anytime and in any part of the world. They can be natural like hurricanes, tornadoes snow and ice, or even earthquakes. They could come in the form of a terrorist attack. In times of disaster, essential services are the first things to cease functioning. The power lines that bring electricity to are homes are often the first to go down. For safety and to prevent fires natural gas lines are shut down. Because telephone lines are usually on the same poles as electric lines they to will stop working. The water supply will stop either because of broken pipe or because they become filled with contaminated water.

Roadways become hazardous. Traffic signals are out because the electric is out. Traffic jams clog the roads. Accidents are more likely to happen. Fallen debris make the roads and highways impassable. Electric garage door openers will not work, locking cars behind their doors. Suppose you can get your car out, what then will you be facing? Every crossroad becomes a dangerous intersection. Once you are out and assuming that you can find a store that is open what then? They will only take cash and in the exact amount because registers will not be working. Even so, they are most likely to be out of the necessities like food and water. So the question is, should you venture out at all?

Once your gas tank is empty that’s it, you will not be able to get any more, after all, the pumps work on electricity. Without some other source of heat, the temperature in your house goes down and down without the electricity to run a furnace. Having a well is not a solution to getting water because well pumps run need electric power to run. Toilets will flush – once – and will not refill. Night falls in total darkness. Children, never having experienced a disaster, are extremely frightened.

It Can’t Happen Here – Yes It Can!

In recent years there have been a number of disasters that you should remember. The terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 killed almost 3,000 people. Videos, pictures headlines about tsunamis. Each hurricane season brings dire predictions of disaster. Other natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes or pandemics are predicted daily.

What about the people who survived?

Manhattan was shut down except for emergency vehicles, no trucks bringing in food. Hurricane Katrina flooded New Orleans and trapped thousands of people leaving them without food or water for days. Tsunamis have struck and destroyed entire villages leaving them without food, water and electric service for days and weeks. People have been left helpless by tornadoes that have wiped out entire towns.

Emergency Preparedness

These types of disaster are difficult to deal with but if you have a plan and basic survival supplies you can get thorough them with the least amount of stress as possible. Disasters hit almost daily in some part of the world, simply turn on the nightly news if you don’t believe it. Are you ready if a disaster struck your town tomorrow or next week? It is too late to prepare once disaster strikes! Begin today to find out what actions you need to take now before it becomes too late. You owe it to your family to be prepared. An emergency preparedness plan and the survival kits you have in place will make a difference in how well you will be able to survive when disaster strikes.

Source by James J Hart

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