5 Important Items to Have When Trailblazing With Your ATV

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5 Important Items to Have When Trailblazing With Your ATV

When riding your ATV in the wilderness, it is best to be prepared. Here are some important items you should bring with you on your next ATV adventure:

– First-Aid Kit

– Navigation Tools

– Tire Repair Kit

– Survival Kit

– All Weather Kit

First-Aid Kit

A lot of unexpected events can occur when you are out on the trail, and they include suffering an injury. Whether the injury is minor or life-threatening, it is a good idea to be prepared with an onboard first-aid kit. The kit will equip you to treat most minor injuries incurred by anyone in your riding group. Of course a basic first-aid kit is not equipped to handle most major injuries, but it can help substantially while you wait for rescue assistance.

An onboard first-aid kit can treat a whole host of minor injuries that may be incurred by you, or your group, while out in the wilderness.

Navigation Tools

Anyone who’s done any amount of riding knows how exciting it is to explore a new trail, or area of wilderness. But frankly, putting the excitement aside, it is important for riders to know where they are, and where they are going. There are a lot of tools available today that will keep riders safe while they enjoy the excitement of a new trail. As an example; trail maps, GPS, a compass, or cell-phone are great items to have as navigation tools.

Having several navigation tools as part of your trailblazing gear is an effective way to prevent your riding party from getting lost, or needing rescue assistance.

Tire Repair Kit

When riding out in the wilderness your ATV is a great tool to get you where you want to go. But, if you suffer a flat tire, and have no repair kit, you will be stuck until the tire is fixed. This is where a tire repair kit would come in handy. Depending on the condition of your tires, and the trail, your chances of getting a flat may increase or decrease. Keeping your tires in good condition and having a tire repair kit can help to avoid ruining a perfectly good excursion.

Including a tire repair kit as part of your onboard gear is a great way to avoid getting stranded deep on a wilderness trail.

Survival Kit

If you are out on the wilderness trail even just for the day, it is a good idea to be prepared. One way to ensure your safety is to carry a survival kit on board just in case the unexpected happens. Depending on where you are when you need assistance, it could mean waiting anywhere from a few hours to a day for assistance to reach you. This is where a survival kit can make the wait a lot easier for everyone. A survival kit should include the following items; water, flashlight, snacks, and a multi-tool kit.

Survival kits are the number one precaution that experienced riders carry onboard whether their trip is for a few hours, or a few days.

All Weather Kit

This country has many wonderful areas for trailblazing, and each is unique in its character, and beauty. But, they also have their own unique weather patterns too. Being prepared for a sudden change in weather can mean the difference between an enjoyable, and a very uncomfortable ride. An all weather kit should include; cold weather, wet weather or hot weather riding gear.

Carrying an all weather kit as part of your gear will let you deal effectively with the unique weather patterns of the area you are riding.

Source by Billy Whitmire

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